7 Best Sun Shirts For Hot Weather

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Sun shirts are perfect for hot weather because they wick away moisture, limit UV ray penetration, and prevent sunburns. Most traditional shirts aren’t designed to keep you cool, so you’ll end up sweaty and uncomfortable. Furthermore, they can cause dehydration much quicker.

The Roadbox Fishing Shirt is the best sun shirt for hot weather because it keeps you cool by wicking away moisture, fitting loosely, and preventing sweat from building up. This polyester shirt comes in numerous sizes and colors to fit anyone’s style. It also comes with UPF 50+ protection.

You might also prefer these sun shirts for hot weather:

In this post, you’ll learn all of the details about each of these high-quality sun shirts for hot weather.

Best Overall: Roadbox Fishing Shirts for Men

If you want the best of the best, try the Roadbox Fishing Shirts for Men. These comfortable sun shirts are loose enough for optimal ventilation, but snug enough to prevent you from feeling like they’re too baggy. They also offer over UPF 50 sun protection, keeping your skin cool and free from sunburns, skin cancer, and so on.

These shirts range in sizes from small through 3X-large. You can choose from vivid blue, orange, dark grey, and many others. They also offer hooded shirts if you need to protect your head without a sun hat. The moisture-wicking polyester prevents sweat, water, and natural oils from sticking to your skin.

Bottom Line: The Roadbox Fishing Shirts are our top choice because they combine comfort, quality, and skin protection. They’re also quite stylish and affordable, making them an easy pick for anyone who wants a high-heat sun shirt. These shirts will get the job done for outdoor workers, athletes, and more.

UPF Protection Rating50+
FitLong sleeve (semi-loose)


  • They’re not too loose or tight for comfort.
  • These shirts protect your arms and torso from sunburns and sweating.
  • Moisture-wicking polyester keeps you cool around the clock.
  • The tagless crewneck prevents chafing and discomfort.


  • They’re a bit more expensive than most other sun shirts on the list.

Best for Exercise (Men): Hanes Sport Men’s Long-Sleeve Shirt

Hanes has countless sun shirts, but its Sport Men’s Long-Sleeve Shirts are the best for outdoor exercise. These shirts naturally promote airflow thanks to their semi-loose fit, but they also have cool-dry technology. Every time you sweat, the shirt cools you down. You’ll feel relaxed while preventing dehydration during exercise.

One of the best things about these sun shirts is that they can be worn as undershirts. They look nice under a dress shirt because they’re plain and vibrant. You also won’t have to worry about the colors fading or the fabric stretching. We’ve all dealt with sweat stains, but these Hanes Sports Shirts prevent unwanted discoloration.

Bottom Line: If you’re a guy who loves exercise in the sun’s direct heat, try the Hanes Sports Shirts. These shirts offer comfort, reliability, and longevity. You won’t have to worry about loose fabric that falls apart at the seams after a few exercise sessions.

UPF Protection Rating50+
FitLong sleeve (semi-loose)


  • They’re quite affordable compared to similar quality sun shirts.
  • These sun shirts are lightweight and breathable.
  • They’re vibrant and as smooth as it gets.
  • You won’t have to deal with loose strings or tags.


  • Since these shirts are made of 100% polyester, they hang onto odors and need to be washed frequently.

Best for Exercise (Women): KPSUN Zip-Up Sun Shirt

Women who love exercise during the summer should try the KPSUN Zip-Up Sun Shirt. These hooded long-sleeve sun shirts come with zippers to let you choose how much ventilation you need. Furthermore, they protect your neck, arms, and shoulders from sunburns. The moisture-wicking fabric feels like silk, too.

These sun shirts are made of polyester and spandex to provide flexibility, stretchiness, and durability. They also prevent odors from hanging on the material since spandex wicks away the sweat. Choose from sizes between small and 2X-large, then try one of many unique colors (including gradient pink, blue, and many others).

Bottom Line: Whether you prefer hiking, biking, jogging, or anything in between, we suggest the KPSUN Zip-Up Sun Shirts. These shirts use lightweight fabric that lasts a long time, even after putting them through rigorous wear and tear.

MaterialsPolyester and spandex
UPF Protection Rating50+
FitLong sleeve (zip-up, semi-loose)


  • They come in several designs and sizes.
  • Each shirt includes a zipper and a hoodie.
  • You can wear them in direct sunlight without getting too hot.
  • They protect your whole upper half from sunburns.


  • The sleeves extend slightly beyond the palm of your hand, which may get in the way.

Best Short-Sleeve Sun Shirt: O’Neill Basic Skins Sun Shirt

While most sun shirts have long sleeves, you can choose the O’Neill Basic Skins Sun Shirt if you want shorter sleeves. They’re incredibly breathable due to the loose sleeves that let air through to your torso.

Another benefit of these shirts is that they have very few seams. Having fewer seams and stitches means you won’t have to worry about rashes, chafing, and discomfort. The torso is snug enough to wick away moisture without limiting the airflow.

Bottom Line: These shirts come in basic, hybrid, and traveler models. Each shirt style has a unique fit, letting you customize your outdoor experience. You can prioritize sun protection, smoothness, airflow, and many other desired summertime features. Every style comes with the sought-after Skin Cancer Foundation approval for preventing UV damage.

UPF Protection Rating50+
FitShort sleeve (semi-loose and snug)


  • The shorter sleeves let air through the shirt for optimal cooling.
  • They prevent chafing and discomfort.
  • You can choose from multiple styles to suit your outdoor preferences.
  • These shirts are made by one of the best companies in the industry.


  • You won’t have any sun protection from your elbows to your hands.

Best for Water Sports: Speedo UV Swim Shirt

If you love swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, or any other water sport, try the Speedo UV Swim Shirts. While they come in men’s sizes, they’re perfect for men and women alike. Much like the previous sun shirt, these ones are made by a top-notch company in the swimming industry.

These shirts have an ideal fit for summertime activities. They’re loose enough to keep you ventilated and cooled down, but they’re not baggy or uncomfortable. The tailored design covers everything from your neck to your hands and the bottom of your torso.

Bottom Line: These Speedo Sun Shirts are stretchy, airy, lightweight, and comfortable. They’re perfect for water sports because you can swim in them without staying soaked. The quick-dry material wicks away sweat and water much faster than heavy cotton and similar materials.

UPF Protection Rating50+
FitLong sleeve (semi-loose)
SizingMen’s (fits unisex)


  • They’re made by a very reliable company.
  • These shirts dry out right after getting out of the water.
  • They don’t have itchy tags.
  • They’re slim-fit for a stylish, comfortable look.


  • These sun shirts have to be hand-washed; you can’t put them in the laundry machine.

Best Sun Shirt with a Hoodie: Willit Hoodie Sun Protection Shirt

Having a hoodie in the summer might seem counterproductive, but it protects your head against sunburns and overheating. These sun shirt hoodies also have thumb slots to keep your hands protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

These polyester shirts are quite soft and comfortable. The colors and fabrics last for many months of heavy usage without discoloring or falling apart.

Bottom Line: These sun shirts are comfortable and durable. They’re perfect for people who love exercising in the morning sun or those who want to avoid sunburns.

UPF Protection Rating50+
FitLong sleeve (loose)


  • These shirts protect your entire upper body from sunburns and overheating.
  • They come in various unique color combinations and designs.
  • They’re designed for outdoor sports under the sun.


  • They’re heavier than most sun shirts.

Best Budget-Friendly Sun Shirt: ISNOWOOD Sun Protection Shirt

If you’re looking to save money without sacrificing quality, try the ISNOWOOD Sun Protection Shirt. It’s thin, lightweight, and extremely breathable. These shirts come in numerous colors, including berry, coral, black, and more. They also have a few unique designs with zippers, hoods, and mouth covers.

These shirts are made of polyester and spandex. They have optimal sun protection without hindering ventilation or airflow. There’s plenty of stretch and flexibility with these sun shirts. Each collar is tagless and doesn’t include a scratchy painted label. They’re perfect for working, camping, and more.

Bottom Line: You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the ISNOWOOD Sun Protection Shirts. These shirts come in single-packs, but some of them come in bulk with even better savings. They weigh less than a pound, making them feel as light as a feather.

MaterialsPolyester and spandex
UPF Protection Rating50+
FitLong sleeve (Loose)


  • These shirts come in multiple sizes for everyone
  • They’re extremely lightweight and breathable.
  • Optimal flexibility lets you move without feeling restricted.
  • They prevent sunburns and discomfort through the material.


  • They’re quite baggy, which isn’t the best for swimming and other sports.

What to Look for in a Sun Shirt for Hot Weather

When you’re ready to wear sun shirts, it’s important to know which ones are ineffective. Countless companies claim their shirts are great for sunny weather, but the vast majority of them aren’t suitable for direct sun protection. Whether you work, run, swim, or relax outside, having a top-notch sun shirt can be quite an improvement.

Keep these three factors in mind:

  1. Materials: Some materials are breathable, while others harbor sweat and heat.
  2. Fit: If your sun shirts don’t fit correctly, you’ll end up covered in perspiration and sunburns.
  3. UPF protection: It’s essential to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays.

Let’s get into the details below.


If your sun shirts are made of loose fabric or non-breathable materials, you’ll end up sweating your way through the day. Instead, SkinCancer.org recommends wearing synthetic materials for sun protection. These materials make the best fabric for hot weather and help protect your skin without making you overheat. They also allow optimal airflow. [Best Fabric for Hot Weather]

Keep in mind that covering a sun shirt in printed designs will limit its sun protection. Aim for sun shirts that have limited paints and prints. Heavy cotton, dense wool, and similar natural materials are too thick and uncomfortable to wear as sun shirts. Furthermore, they rarely limit UV penetration.


Choosing the right fit will make a world of difference. For example, skin-tight sun shirts are great for breathability, but they don’t allow very much airflow. Many people prefer loose sun shirts because they’re best for ventilation. While both fits offer different benefits, neither is always better than the other. Your sun shirt’s fit should be based on personal preference.

Remember, a lot of sun shirts have longer sleeves. Long sleeves can prevent sunburns because they protect your skin with UV protection. Contrary to what it might seem, protecting your arms with long, breathable sleeves can keep you cooler than wearing a sleeveless shirt.

UPF Protection

All sun shirts should have UV protection. The sun’s UV rays can cause discomfort, dryness, burns, and various illnesses. However, every sun shirt on the aforementioned list uses UPF protection for optimal sunburn prevention.
According to REI, a UPF 50 rating only allows about 2% UV penetration. Almost all clothing offers some sort of UPF protection based on its color, material, washing method, and so on. However, nothing below UPF 15 is reliable enough to prevent sunburns and UV rays.

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