8 Best Extreme Cold Weather Boots

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Cold-weather boots will prevent your feet from getting stiff, wet, and uncomfortable. It’s important to have the right cold-weather boots for your daily activities. Some people need lightweight materials, whereas others need optimal insulation and sole grip.

The best extreme cold-weather boots are the Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boots. These waterproof boots offer optimal insulation, comfort, and textured soles for maximum grip. You can also choose from eight colors and numerous sizes to fit your feet. They’re suitable down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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In this post, we’ll cover detailed reviews of each of these top-notch extreme cold-weather boots. Enjoy!

Best Overall: Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boots

The Kamik Men’s Nationplus boots are covered in moisture-wicking suede that keeps your feet comfortable throughout the day. These boots include durable rubber soles that move with your feet, preventing aches and cold temperatures from getting through. You’ll also enjoy the high laces that go up to your shins.

The waterproof Nationplus Boots are designed for temperatures as low as -40 degrees. They also have removable liners that let you wash and dry them when you get home. Choose from a variety of colors, including black, olive, dark brown, tan, and many others. There’s also unisex sizing for women who prefer these boots.

Bottom Line: The Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boots combine comfort, style, and excellent insulation to make some of the best boots you’ll come across. They’re hands-down the best extreme cold-weather boots on the market.

MaterialsSuede, rubber, genuine leather
Temperature Rating-40 degrees


  • Incredible low-temperature rating
  • Removable and washable inserts
  • Multiple colors and sizes for everyone
  • Made by a reliable company that’s over a century old


  • Textured rubber under the boots isn’t optimal for rugged hiking

Best Men’s Cold Weather Boots: Columbia Men’s Bugaboot III Snow Boot

Columbia is known for making high-quality boots, so it’s no surprise that the Columbia Men’s Bugaboot III Snow Boots are some of our favorites. These mid-calf boots keep your feet and ankles warm without limiting your mobility (as you might find with high-calf boots). Much like the previous boots on the list, they have removable and washable inserts.

These boots are made of leather and rubber, combining aesthetics and durability. They work very well on hiking trails, various working conditions, and more. You can choose from unique designs, including Rust-Cordovan, Bright Red-Black, and more. They also have sizes ranging from 7 to 17, all of which come in average and wide variations.

Bottom Line: If you choose these Columbia Boots, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy the top-shelf grip, lightweight insulation, and all-day dryness. They work very well as winter boots, but the waterproof insulation lets you use them in snow, heavy rainstorms, and many other wet conditions.

MaterialsLeather and rubber
Temperature Rating-20 Fahrenheit (-29 Celsius)


  • Made by one of the best brands in the business
  • Works well down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Prevents moisture and debris from getting into the boots
  • Textured rubber for hiking and other outdoor activities


  • Priced higher than many other extreme cold-weather boots (but you get what you pay for)
  • Creasing leather quickly creates a worn appearance

Best Women’s Cold Weather Boots: Sorel Women’s Caribou Winter Boots

If you’re searching for the best women’s extreme cold-weather boots available, try the Sorel Women’s Caribou Winter Boots. While these boots are often touted for their soft interior lining, they also offer impressive insulation, thanks to the felt, rubber, and suede. The deep grooves provide a wonderful grip on varying terrains.

One of the best features of these women’s boots is that they form to your feet. Unlike most stiff winter boots, these ones use suede that wraps around your ankles. They’re incredibly comfortable, and you can wash the inner lining when you’re done using them.

Bottom Line: Women who want high-end boots for extremely cold weather should check out this pair before any other set. Everything from their style to their traction is as good as it gets. They also have antifreeze soles to prevent frost damage.

MaterialsSuede, felt, rubber
Temperature Rating-20 Fahrenheit (-29 Celsius)


  • Form-fitting suede makes them comfortable and easy to walk in
  • Stylish appearance comes in multiple colors
  • Extremely comfortable, soft inner lining
  • Prevents freezing laces, soles, and toes


  • Thick insoles make it difficult to wear thick winter socks
  • Flexible suede lining isn’t as durable as leather

Best Unisex Cold Weather Boots: Merrell Thermo Chill Waterproof Sneakers

The Merrell Thermo Chill Winter Sneakers are the best unisex extreme cold-weather boots. Merrell is known for creating high-end hiking boots, and they didn’t shy away from their reputation with these textured sneakers. Unlike most cold-weather boots, these ones are flexible and offer comfortable ventilation.

Your feet won’t get wet from sweat, snow, rain, etc. However, you’ll still be able to enjoy the soft inner cushion. The mesh lining lets air through the boots, preventing them from overheating. However, they’re coated with rubber to prevent your toes from getting soaked. They also have durable metal lace hooks with multiple tie options.

Bottom Line: These Merrell Boots will end up as the top choice for countless hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. They combine mid-calf protection, airflow, and optimal insulation to make some of the most versatile boots possible.

MaterialsLeather and rubber
Temperature Rating-5 Fahrenheit (-21 Celsius)


  • Comes in shoe sizes for men and women
  • Made for hiking and many other outdoor activities
  • Lightweight, breathable mesh to prevent sweating
  • Keeps moisture out from all sides


  • Works well down to -5 degrees, but not as low as other boots on the list
  • Six-inch liner only insulates slightly above the ankle

Best Cold Weather Working Boots: Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Boots

The Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Boots are the best extreme cold-weather boots for workers. Whether you’re a construction worker, a service technician, or anyone else who works outside in the cold, these boots should be your top choice. They have everything from excellent waterproof rubber soles to durable suede and leather.

These 10-inch boots flex with your movements to prevent unwanted stiffness. However, they’re more than durable enough for any working environment. They also have slip-resistant soles.

Bottom Line: These Carhartt Cold-Weather Boots are a worker’s dream come true. They’re comfortable, durable, and (most importantly) safe. They even include a tough rubber stopper to protect your toes.

MaterialsSuede, leather, rubber
Temperature Rating-5 Fahrenheit (21 Celsius)


  • Excellent long-lasting construction
  • Durable comfort and flexibility
  • Protective rubber toe stopper and textured grip


  • Won’t work in temperatures below -5 F (which may or may not be an issue for your working environment)

Best for Outdoor Activities (Men): Nortiv 8 Men’s Snow Ski Boots

Those who love outdoor winter sports (hiking, skiing, etc.) should try the Nortiv 8 Men’s Snow Ski Boots. They’re great for through-hikes, rock climbing, cross-country skiing, and many other winter activities. Thanks to the textured rubber grip, you won’t have to worry about slipping, sliding, and losing traction.

Not only are these boots waterproof, but they also protect your toes from rocks and other hard debris. They work down to -25 degrees Fahrenheit, making them perfect for almost any outdoor winter activity.

Bottom Line: Outdoor enthusiasts should almost always choose the Nortiv 9 Men’s Snow Ski Boots. Whether you’re an avid athlete or someone who enjoys casual hikes in the snow, these boots will get the job done. They’re comfortable, soft, and won’t cause your feet to sweat on cold winter days.

MaterialsLeather, rubber, cotton
Temperature Rating-25 Fahrenheit (-4 Celsius)
SecurityLocking hook and laces


  • Uses ventilated cotton for maximum comfort
  • Including durable locking hooks to protect your feet
  • Insulates down to -25 degrees
  • Perfect for any winter outdoor activity


  • Doesn’t include removable soles for washing
  • Uses cotton that can be difficult to dry when wet

Best for Outdoor Activities (Women): Columbia Women’s Snow Canyon Winter Boot

Women who love outdoor sports and activities should try the Columbia Women’s Snow Canyon Winter Boot. These boots are made of leather and polyester to insulate and heat your feet in cold weather. They also have faux fur linings that make every step feel like you’re walking on a cloud. You’ll also enjoy the metal hooks that secure each lace to prevent them from coming undone.

If you choose these cold-weather boots, you’ll be able to choose from eight unique colors. Each color has three lace height options to let you choose how high the insulation goes. The flexible rubber soles let you walk without feeling stiff or rigid.

Bottom Line: Columbia has made an incredibly comfortable outdoor cold-weather boot for all terrains. These slim boots hug your feet with faux fur for a long-lasting cushion that heats your feet as you walk.

MaterialsFaux fur, leather, polyester, rubber
Temperature Rating-25 Fahrenheit (-4 Celsius)
SecurityLaces and metal hooks


  • Faux fur lining for optimal comfort and relaxation
  • Top-notch rubber texture for any terrain
  • Great for outdoor activities in snow, rain, and more


  • Uses a polyester outer shell that isn’t as durable as other leather and rubber boots

Best Lightweight Cold Weather Boots: Kamik Men’s Green Bay Winter Boots

The Kamik Men’s Green Bay Boots are the best choice for those who enjoy relaxing outside in extremely cold weather. If you want to go camping or sit in your backyard without freezing your feet off, these are the boots for you.

Although they’re not extremely textured and durable, you can slide into these comfortable boots down to -40 degrees. They use drawstrings to fit almost any shoe size, but you can choose from numerous size options if needed.

MaterialsRubber and nylon
Temperature Rating-40 degrees


  • Comfortable and waterproof
  • Great for extreme cold-weather relaxing
  • Four-season insulation rating


  • Won’t hold up in extreme hiking or rigorous working conditions

What to Look For in Extreme Cold Weather Boots

People looking for a new pair of winter boots typically look for comfort and style. However, there are several other attributes that are far more important. These essential traits include temperature ratings, water resistance, and materials. You can have stylish winter boots, but they won’t last a week if they don’t have these much-needed features.

Below, we’ll take a detailed look at each of these factors.

Temperature Rating

Extreme cold-weather boots should be rated at or below the coldest temperature you encounter. For example, if you walk around in 15-degree weather, consider getting boots that are rated for 5 degrees or less. Most winter boots are rated below freezing (32 Fahrenheit or 0 Celsius), but they don’t always work for extremely cold weather conditions.

Water Resistance

Water resistance and waterproofing aren’t the same. If your boots are water-resistant, they’ll wick moisture away and keep your feet dry for an hour or so. However, they won’t keep moisture out if you walk through puddles and deep snow. On the other hand, waterproof boots keep your feet completely dry, regardless of snow, puddles, and so on.

According to Big Sky Fishing, winter boots are usually water-resistant, whereas snow boots are typically waterproof. Keep this in mind when determining the boots you need based on the terrain you encounter.


Choosing the proper materials for your cold-weather boots makes a world of difference. Suede and leather provide excellent insulation and comfort. However, Altitude Blog states rubber is the best boot sole material for extreme cold-weather scenarios. Rubber is durable, gripped, and cushioned for long walks in snow, hail, gravel, etc. 
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