How to Get Snow Out of a Truck Bed (4 Effective Methods)

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One of the greatest nightmares when owning a truck is having snow in the truck bed. However, this problem seems unavoidable in winter, especially if you don’t park your truck in a garage. Snow can also accumulate in the truck bed as you drive on a snowy day. 

Here’s how to get snow out of a truck bed: 

  1. Rake the snow using a snow rake. 
  2. Shovel out the snow. 
  3. Use an ice scraper. 
  4. Use a brush with a scraper. 

This article looks at what you should do to keep snow out of your truck bed. Read on to learn what you need and how to go about it. 

1. Rake the Snow Using a Snow Rake

One of the most effective tools for getting snow out of any part of your truck is a snow rake. These are usually different from household rakes in that they are made of plastic and rubber. 

This allows you to rake the snow aggressively without worrying about scratching your truck’s paint. In addition, their wide surface area makes them more effective at removing large amounts of snow. 

To use a snow rake on your truck bed, all you need to do is open the truck bed door and start raking away. You can also use the snow rake to get snow out of other parts of your truck, like the windscreen, hood, and bumper. 

2. Shovel Out the Snow

Shovels are the most widely used domestic snow removal tools. If you live in a region that often snows, you probably have a snow shovel. But not all shovels are suitable for removing snow on truck beds. 

Most domestic snow shovels are used to clear paths and driveways around the house. As a result, they are made of metal for durability and effectiveness. 

However, be careful when using these on your truck bed as they might damage its finish. In fact, you should only use a metallic shovel if a lot of snow has accumulated on the truck bed and you need to break down the dense layers. 

Otherwise, a plastic and rubber snow shovel is the ideal tool to use on your truck bed. Just like the snow rake, you can use a snow shovel on other parts of the truck. 

3. Use an Ice Scraper

Another commonly used ice removal tool is an ice scraper. These are also easy to find in any common department store in regions that experience snow regularly. An ice scraper is ideal for removing snow from a truck bed in light snow conditions. You can use it to scrape off a thin layer of snow while taking care not to scratch your paint job. 

4. Use a Brush With a Scraper

Many people also use brushes to remove snow from their vehicles. However, this is a risky procedure because brush bristles are often very rough. If you’re not extremely careful, you’ll scratch your truck bed’s finish. 

As a result, you should only use a brush with a scraper. Use the scraper end to remove snow from your truck bed and any other part of your vehicle. 

If you don’t want to use a brush, check out our article on how to remove snow from a car without a brush.

How To Prevent Snow From Getting on Your Truck Bed

Now that you know how to get the snow off your truck bed let’s look at how to prevent it from getting there in the first place. If you live in a cold climate with snowy winters, the tips below can help you keep your truck bed snow-free. 

1. Park Your Truck Inside a Garage

Always park your truck inside the garage when it’s not in use. Leaving it outside exposes the truck bed to snow or even rainwater. It’s also safer to leave it in a garage, even if you live in a safe neighborhood. 

2. Use a Bedliner

Another affordable way to keep snow out of your truck bed is using a bed liner. These are protectors installed or applied to truck beds. 

There are two types of bed liners: 

  • Drop-in 
  • Spray on 

Drop-in bed liners are pretty fast and easy to install, while spray-on bed liners require some preparation to allow the coating to adhere correctly to the bed. Both solutions are great for keeping snow from your truck bed but won’t protect any cargo you leave in it. 

3. Use a Tonneau Cover

Tonneau covers are hard or soft covers that span the area of your truck bed. There’s a wide variety of tonneau covers, but they all work the same way. 

Installing a tonneau cover will prevent snow build-up in your truck bed, especially if you don’t have a carport or garage. Instead of shoveling the snow, you’ll just need to wipe it off the surface of the tonneau cover. The cover will also protect any cargo from the snow that you might have left in the truck bed. 

When buying a tonneau cover, remember to select the exact size designed for your truck. 

4. Install a Truck Cap

Just like a tonneau cover, a truck cap covers and encloses your truck bed. The main difference between a tonneau and a truck cap is that while a tonneau is flat, a truck cap is sloped and rises as high as the rest of your truck. 

A truck cap is an ideal solution if you often leave a lot of cargo on your truck bed and want to protect it from snow. 

Is It Dangerous To Have Snow in Your Truck Bed?

It’s dangerous having snow in your truck bed. If you drive with snow in your open truck bed, it will fly out into traffic, obscuring other drivers’ views. This can lead to a serious accident. The snow’s added weight might make your truck harder to drive, especially on snowy roads. 

Additionally, if your truck bed accumulates snow while you’re driving, it will probably also contain road salt. If you leave the snow on the bed for some time, the salt will corrode and mess up your truck bed’s paint job. 

To Sum It Up

It is dangerous to have snow in your truck bed. You can get rid of it using a: 

  • Snow rake 
  • Shovel 
  • Ice scraper 
  • Brush with a scraper 

Take care while using these tools not to scratch your truck bed’s paint job.

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