Can You Wear Uggs in the Snow?

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Uggs are known for their warm, cozy lining that makes them ideal for chilly weather. But can you wear them in the snow?

You can’t wear Uggs in the snow. The classic winter boot’s sheepskin material isn’t waterproof and will become damaged in wet conditions. Additionally, its soles are not designed for traction. If you must go out in the snow, you can wear UGG Men’s Butte or UGG Women’s Adirondack Boot instead.

Read on for more insights into how Uggs hold up in the snow, how to protect them from damage, and whether or not they make good winter boots.

How Uggs Hold Up in the Snow

Uggs are classic winter boots that offer comfiness and warmth, but not all shoes manufactured by the brand are designed to withstand wet conditions or icy surfaces.

Uggs Can Resist Light Snow

Wearing your classic Uggs in light snow will not result in immediate damage because they’re made with water-resistant sheepskin material. They can resist water penetration to some degree, but they’re not waterproof. Repeated exposure to wet conditions can still damage your Uggs.

On the other hand, UGG Men’s Butte and UGG Women’s Adirondack Boot are waterproof and have excellent traction. You can wear them in blizzard conditions and not worry about immediate damage. Check out my article covering the best boots for extremely cold weather for more recommendations and options. [Best Extreme Cold Weather Boots]

Snow Can Damage Sheepskin Material

Aside from getting wet in the snow and causing discomfort, classic Uggs can become damaged by snow. Moisture can seep through the material and loosen the sheepskin fibers, causing the boots to lose shape.

Repeated exposure to snow can also cause discoloration or staining on the boots. In extreme cases, the material may become stretched or torn.

Uggs Can Be Slippery in the Snow

The soles of classic Uggs are not designed for traction on icy or snowy surfaces, making them a slippery option to wear in these conditions. This post by The Daily Mail tells about the first-hand encounters of a few individuals who fell while wearing their Uggs in the snow.

So, while classic Uggs may keep your feet warm, they’re a potential hazard if you plan on walking on icy or snowy surfaces. You can slip and injure yourself. Keep this in mind when selecting your winter footwear.

For good traction on icy and snowy surfaces, you can wear UGG Women’s Adirondack Boot instead. They’re made with a spider rubber outsole that will prevent you from slipping.

How Do I Protect My Uggs From Snow?

To protect your classic Uggs from snow, keep them at home. If you must go out in snowy weather, opt for a pair of waterproof Women’s Adirondack Boot or Men’s Butte instead. These boots will hold up in the snow and give you warmth and comfort.

Aside from not wearing your Uggs in snowy weather, there are a few steps you can take to care for your shoes and prolong their lifespan.

Apply Waterproofing Spray on Your Uggs

Waterproofing spray is an essential shoe care product that creates a barrier on the outer material. This barrier helps to repel water and stains, making it easier to keep your boots looking new.

To use a waterproofing spray on your Uggs, choose one designed specifically for sheepskin or suede material. Follow these steps:

  1. Clean your boots with a damp cloth to remove any dirt or debris.
  2. Allow them to dry completely before applying the spray.
  3. Hold the spray 6 inches (15 centimeters) away from the boots and evenly spritz over the entire surface.
  4. Allow the boots to dry before wearing them.

For the best results, ensure you read and follow the instructions and precautions listed on your waterproofing spray product.

Clean Stains Immediately

To prevent permanent staining and discoloration from snow, clean any wet or dirty spots immediately. Leaving the stains to set may make them harder or impossible to remove.

If you notice a spot on your Uggs, gather these tools:

  • A suede brush with nylon bristles
  • Suede cleaner
  • Paper towels
  • A clean, soft sponge
  • A piece of clean cotton cloth

If you need an all-in-one kit, get this Jason Markk Suede Cleaning Kit (available on It has everything you need to clean and maintain your Uggs, such as a stain eraser and a suede cleaning brush. It’s easy to tuck away in your purse or bag for on-the-go touch-ups.

Follow these steps to clean your Uggs:

  1. Gently clean the stained area using a natural bristle brush.
  2. Dip a soft sponge in clean water and lightly dab the stained area.
  3. Apply a small amount of the suede cleaner onto the stained area. Use a sponge to gently rub it in.
  4. Dip a cotton cloth in clean water and dab the cleaned area to remove any excess cleaner.
  5. Stuff the boots with paper towels to help them retain their shape as they dry.

Here’s a quick video to guide you through the process of cleaning Uggs:

Store Your Uggs in a Cool and Dry Place

When not in use, store your boots in a cool and dry area. Exposing them to extreme temperatures or moisture may cause damage to the material. In addition, avoid leaving them in direct sunlight, as UV rays can discolor or damage the fabric.

Finally, stuff the boots with paper to maintain their shape and prevent creasing.

Do Uggs Make Good Winter Boots?

Uggs make good winter boots. The sheepskin material keeps your feet warm during chilly weather, and the cushioned sole creates added comfort while walking. The stylish design of Uggs adds a fashionable touch to any winter outfit.

However, classic Uggs are not waterproof and can easily be damaged in heavy snow. You’ll need to wear the specialized Women’s Adirondack Boot or Men’s Butte if you must go out in snowy conditions. Therefore, you must take caution and care for your classic Uggs if you wear them during winter.

The Bottom Line

While Uggs may be a fashionable and comfortable winter boot option, they do not hold up well in snowy weather. To protect your classic Uggs from damage, avoid wearing them during harsh weather and take proper care when storing and cleaning them. You can wear UGG Women’s Adirondack Boots or Men’s Butte in snowy conditions.

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