Can You Use a Broom To Get Snow off a Car?

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One of the most dreaded winter chores is removing snow from cars, as the task is physically demanding and time-consuming. You also risk damaging the car’s paint job if you use the wrong snow removal tool or do it incorrectly. So, can you use a broom to get the snow off a car?

You can use a broom to get snow off a car. However, you must be careful with the broom you choose. Some brooms have stiff and sharp bristles, which might damage the car’s paint job.

This article will look at the easiest ways to get the snow off your car without damaging it. Read on for nifty tips and tricks to save time and effort when removing snow from your vehicle.

What Type of Broom Should You Use To Get Snow off Your Car?

The type of broom you should use to get the snow off your car is a non-abrasive broom with gentle bristles. Also, buy a broom with an ice scraper since it is easier to use. Additionally, the brush should have a long handle to help you reach a wider surface area.

Here are some factors to consider before settling on a broom to remove snow from your car:

  • Material: Ensure that the brush comprises high-quality materials like cross-linked polythene or a durable foam head. Cheaper materials will not last long and tend to damage the car’s paint. Nevertheless, it’s okay for a broom to have a plastic or metallic ice scraper if you don’t apply too much pressure when scraping.
  • Efficiency: The best snow removal broom will ultimately depend on your needs. For example, if you want to clear the snow and scrape ice all at once, you’ll be happy with a small broom that features an ice-scraper. If, on the other hand, you want to clear thick layers of snow and ice from your car, a snow rake or ice scraper is the best solution.
  • Usability: If you live in a region with snowy winters, a brush and ice scraper will be handy tools. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose durable devices that are also comfortable to use. So, when you’re shopping for a brush or an ice scraper, pick one with a long or telescopic handle and a soft foam grip.

Other Tools That Can Remove Snow From Your Car

A good broom isn’t enough to get the snow off your car in the long term. Sometimes, the snow layer on your vehicle may be too thick or heavy for a broom to clear. So, you can opt for an alternative tool or snow-removal method.

Here are other tools to can clear snow off your car.

Snow Shovels

People usually use shovels to clear the snow from sidewalks and footpaths around the house. However, you can still use them to brush snow off your car if a thick layer has formed. Most shovels are sturdy enough to clear a heavy pile of snow and crack a thick layer of ice from a vehicle’s roof, which you can’t do with a broom. 

But, you must be careful not to scratch your car since snow shovels are made of metal or hard plastic.

I will say, however, that shovels are not normally used on cars because of the scratching risk. A good brush or broom meant for clearing snow off of cars is a better bet, and it will be less likely to scratch your car.

Salt-Free Ice Melts

It might be challenging to brush off the heavy pile of snow from your car after a heavy snowstorm. Although some people use table or rock salt to melt the snow, it’s inefficient and damages your car’s paint job. Common salts are corrosive, and using them on your vehicle will eventually mess up its finish. 

Therefore, it is preferable to use a chloride-free ice melt to keep your car and driveway snow-free. But please, don’t use them on your car, as no type of ice melt is safe for your car’s finish.

Tips on Reducing Your Snow Removal Time

Most people find snow-removal tedious and strenuous. Nonetheless, it’s a vital activity that can save lives and prevent car damage. Therefore, preparing adequately for the task can save you time and energy.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for snow removal and clear it from your car faster:

  • Place bags or socks over wipers and mirrors. Windshield wipers are essential in winter. But, ironically, they quickly freeze on the windshield and can get damaged. You can avoid this by covering them with socks whenever you park your car, which protects them from icing up, being buried in the snow, or wind damage. You can also cover your mirrors with bags for the same benefits.
  • Use your garage. The best way to keep your car snow-free is to keep it away from the snow. If you have a garage, park your car inside when not in use. You can also use outdoor parking tents or carports if you don’t own a garage.

Why Is It Important To Clear Snow off Your Car?

We’ve already established that clearing snow from a car is time-consuming, tiresome, and tedious. But why is it important? Can’t you drive around and let the wind take care of the rest?

It’s important to clear snow off your car because it’s dangerous to drive a snow-covered vehicle. The snow reduces visibility and can form ice missiles. Some states also prohibit motorists from driving snow-covered cars. 

Here are reasons why it is essential to remove snow from your car.

It Is a Safety Precaution

It’s risky to drive a snow-covered vehicle in snowy conditions. Snowy and icy roads and slippery, and minimize your car’s traction

But, if you don’t clear the snow off your vehicle, it will worsen these conditions by covering your windshield, rear window, and door glass. You’ll practically be driving blindly on slippery roads due to reduced visibility.

In addition, the snow from your car’s roof might freeze and form ice missiles. If this ice flies into traffic, it can obstruct other drivers and cause severe accidents.

It’s Illegal To Drive a Snow-Covered Vehicle

It is dangerous and illegal not to clear snow from your car. Some states, including Michigan, Alaska, Georgia, and Massachusetts, require drivers to clear snow off their vehicles. Police services have clauses in their books to address snow-covered cars.

Although driving a snow-covered car is not as heavily enforced as other traffic offenses, it might still land you in trouble.

It Saves Money

If you drive a snow-covered vehicle, you risk damaging many of its parts. For example, the heavy snow might slide down and break your windshield, windows, or rear window. Snow can also damage your wiper blades, arms, linkage, and motor.

So, it’s cheaper to remove the snow than pay heavily for repair or replacements.

To Wrap It Up

Clearing snow from your car can be a cumbersome task. However, it’s a life-saver, and you can make it more bearable by using the right equipment. A broom will get the snow off your vehicle as long as you’re careful not to damage its finish. Moreover, good snow-removal brooms should be non-abrasive, with gentle bristles and an ice scraper.

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